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Active Minds Kids Ask About (F23)

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Active Minds: Kids Ask About Series #3

Kids love to ask questions, and these books have the answers! Full of fun facts about astounding animal varieties, habitats, and abilities of favorite members of the animal kingdom, each page in this exciting series has more for kids to learn!

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Do you know which seals can use their flippers as legs to walk on land? Or which seals live off their blubber while nursing their young? Or how mother seals recognize their pups in a crowd?..

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Safari Babies

Ever wonder how high off the ground baby giraffes are born? Or how baby zebras recognize their mothers? Or which safari fathers take care of their babies?..

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Did you know that puppies have about 110 more bones than people? Or that the moisture on their noses helps grab hold of scents?..

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Do you know how kittens’ tails help them jump and climb? Or what makes kittens specially equipped for the dark? Or why kittens play so much?..

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Ever wondered which insects are considered the skunks of the insect world? Or which insects communicate through dance?..

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Have you ever wondered why horses need shoes? Or which horse is the largest ever to be recorded in history? Or why horses sometimes sleep standing up?..

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Have you ever wondered why frogs are so slimy? Or what makes toads different from frogs? Or how frogs’ eyes help them eat?..

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Ever wondered how some fish can see in the depths of the ocean? Or how fish breathe underwater? Or which fish fathers carry the eggs until they hatch?..

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Farm Animals

Have you ever wondered why pigs roll in the mud? Or if all cows have the same spots? Or why chickens have feathers?…

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