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Zoom Into Space

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The Sun

Grab some shades! This book is all about the Sun, the star of our solar system. Young readers will learn fascinating facts about the huge, shining ball that makes life on Earth possible..

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The Moon

High up in the night sky, the Moon has plenty to shine about! Young readers will learn about craters, shadows, and astronauts, in this engaging book about Earth’s partner in space…

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It’s time to read about everyone’s favorite dwarf planet, Pluto! This tiny, icy world is full of fascinating facts to discover…

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Hold onto your hats! With winds ten times stronger than Earth’s most powerful hurricanes, Neptune reigns as the stormiest planet in the solar system…

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Nearly a billion miles from Earth, a beautiful ringed planet shines in the sky. Little learners will learn basic concepts about space while exploring fascinating facts about Saturn.

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It’s no surprise that the largest planet holds big appeal for little readers. From dozens of moons to a giant gas storm, there’s so much to learn about Jupiter!

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Prepare to learn all about Mars in this bright and engaging book. Short sentences and exciting facts keep interest high, with strong picture-to-text ties and diagrams to help readers grasp key scientific concepts…

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There’s so much to learn about our home in space. Simple diagrams, satellite images, and tons of interesting facts guide first readers through this engaging book about our extra-special planet…

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Welcome to Venus! Although this scorching world is around the same size as Earth, the two planets couldn’t be more different…

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Millions of miles from Earth, a small, rocky world circles the Sun. Mercury may be the smallest planet, but it holds big interest for young readers!

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