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Do you know what whale is the world’s largest animal? Or which whale’s head is up to one-third the length of its entire body? Or why some whales “sing” to one another…

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Ever wonder why spiders don’t get trapped in their own webs? Or which female spiders eat their male partners after mating with them? Or how spiders escape their enemies…

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Ever wondered how dangerous bats really are to humans? Or whether vampire bats actually drink blood? Or how a mother bat recognizes her baby out of thousands of other roosting pups…

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Have you ever wondered how the grizzly bear, sloth bear, and sun bear got their names? Or what bear is hardly bigger than a dog? Or which bear can eat a whale…

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Ever wondered why some lizards’ tails break off—and what happens afterward? Or what lizard is big enough to swallow a goat? Or what lizard can squirt blood from its eyes…

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Did you know that ancient Egyptian mummy makers had special tools to extract brains through the nose? Or that before mummies became objects of scientific interest, people used to burn them as fuel…

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Do you know what a “lava bomb” is? Or what volcano produced the loudest noise in recorded history? Or what volcano erupted continuously for more than 30 years…

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Have you ever wondered which ape is the planet’s fastest flightless tree-dwelling animal? Or how chimps show each other love…

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