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Sunbird Picture Books

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The Bear Who Didn’t Dare

The bears are excited to swim, climb, and run…all except Ursa, the littlest one. The lake looks so wide! And the tree looks so tall! As Ursa watches her siblings try new things, she learns it’s OK to set her own pace…

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Black Swans

The stories of six daring, groundbreaking Black ballet dancers leap off the pages of this beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book.

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When a cheerful, chatty pup greets a new friend, he is surprised to learn that the other dog doesn’t understand him…

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All Because of the Tail

In a park full of squirrels, it’s hard being a mouse. Why do squirrels get stuffed with nuts, but no one gives any to Tullio? The little mouse is sure that it’s all because of the tail…

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Once, the ocean was full of friends. But lately, a little jellyfish named Luna has noticed that things are changing—friends are disappearing…

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Stuck Inside

What do you do when you’re stuck inside and all the fun is outside? Tilly has to stay in until a big storm passes by….

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Nook is small and shy, and she likes to sit in the cozy, comfy space of a hollow tree watching others play. When someone comes along to take Nook’s space, she feels lost and afraid,..

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Little Dumplings

When Little Dumpling accidentally rolls away from her family’s tent at a Dumpling Fest, she is surprised to discover that there are lots of different ways to be a dumpling! As she tries to find her way back to her home, she meets and makes friends with dumplings from all over the world…

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This Book is Upside Down

Penelope Giraffe and Gus Penguin are at home on two different sides of the same world. When something looks upside down to Penelope, it looks right-side up to Gus!…

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