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Age 3-7

In the Water

What covers most of Earth’s surface? Water! Learn about all the different bodies of water that make up some 70% of Earth’s surface, and consider the importance of all that water to the planet and its inhabitants.

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Weather Watch

Rain or shine, hot or cold, there’s always weather to be watched! Discover how weather begins and the many forms it takes in this vibrant book.

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Time for Santa!

It’s the night of Christmas Eve, and Santa’s on his way! But there’s still so much to do. Help hang the stockings, bake the cookies, and trim the tree in these cozy Christmas scenes.

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Real Scary Monsters?

Happy Halloween! Is that a monster in the window? And is that a skeleton in the street? Explore the creepy creatures in each spooky scene and see why Halloween might not be so scary after all…

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My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! Is that valentine…for me? Follow each heart-filled scene to see where in the world the kitten’s valentine could be.

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Do I Have to…?

Do I have to be neat? And kind? And polite? Yes! Presented in a kid-favorite graphic novel format, these short tales model the best behavior for any scenario, serving as the perfect answer for any child asking, “Do I have to?”

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Do I Have to Help?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood as Parker Puppy sets off on a walk. The day becomes even better as Parker lends a hand to neighbors in need!

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The Bear Who Didn’t Dare

The bears are excited to swim, climb, and run…all except Ursa, the littlest one. The lake looks so wide! And the tree looks so tall! As Ursa watches her siblings try new things, she learns it’s OK to set her own pace…

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