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Super Spooky Stories for Kids

Animals After Dark

Animal antics can be silly and cute, but did you know they can be spooky, too? Learn real animal facts while reading fun and frightening stories…

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Super Spooky Stories For Kids Collection

This chilling collection is just scary enough to delight young readers! Spooky stories paired with colorful illustrations are perfect for beginning readers, plus frightful fact boxes teach kids real facts about history, geography, animals, and more

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Mysterious Monsters

Grab a flashlight and learn all about the creatures who live in the woods. Short stories about mythical monsters like Bigfoot and Frankenstein…

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Horror On The High Seas

Dive into the chilling world beneath the ocean’s surface! Young readers will explore weird and watery topics like the Bermuda Triangle and Loch Ness Monster in this scary story collection…

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Haunted Places

Take a spooky trip around the world! Early learners will encounter real facts about cemeteries, haunted hotels, and more as they travel through this collection of hair-raising tales.

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Creepy Classics

Some stories are so spooky they can be told again and again–and you’ll still get scared! This book is full of timeless terrors from Dracula to Dr. Jekyll.

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